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Beef Stew And A Busy Week

Hello, friends.

I knew I had a couple of busy weeks ahead of me, and I'd gotten rather lazy with my meal planning. Lots of trips to restaurants and take-out, so I decided to take a little  time ahead to plan my meals. I'm sure  glad I did, because we ate really well, and saved money.

I had made a roast earlier in the week and had leftovers, and so I made beef stew with it.

In the crock pot I added beef stock, leftover roast, sliced carrots, canned tomatoes, diced potatoes, and canned green beans. It cooked all day and my house smelled amazing when I returned home.

It was so easy, and wonderful to come home and have a hearty stew ready.

I hope you all are having a good week.

Talk to you soon.

In warmth,

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