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The Great Virus of 2017

Oh man, the last four weeks have been a blur. I came down with this nasty virus the weekend BEFORE Thanksgiving. It was also the cause of a sinus and upper respitory infection. I've seen my doctor twice, and I'm now finishing my second round of 10 day antibiotics. I think the latter two have cleared up, but this virus is hanging on for dear life. In addition, I've already lost ten pounds! I hear it's making the rounds all over town and it's taking a month or better to get over. My sister had it just a few weeks before I came down with it, and it took her 6 weeks to recover.

I don't get sick often, but boy this was rough.

While we're talking, I've mentioned in a previous post, my news. Well, I'll share it with you now. Do you remember when I received my Reiki Master Level certification? If not, you can read my posts here.

Life Update

I also recenty upgraded my massage table. I absolutely love it. It's so comfortable. My clients seem quite please…

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