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A Bit of This and That

Good Morning friends,

How are you? I'm busy trying to catch things up from the past few months.
We recently went out to check ranch properties. We drove out to the different properties, and made sure all is well.

I've also been staying busy around the house, trying to get organized. We're sorting drawers of clothes and donating items that we no longer use or need. I've been working on saving as much money as possible by shopping sales at the grocery store. And trying to use up items we already have on hand. I've been quite sucessful at finding sale items, and buy-one-get-one-free. That is my aim for the new year, too. Trying to lower my grocery bill as much as possible. To squeeze every last penny I can!

With the holidays, we haven't gotten to see our grandaughter as much as we'd like to! I sure miss that sweet girl, and look forward to more visits very soon.

I'm sharing some pictures with you from the last few months. I hope you enjoy them.

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