Monday, March 28, 2011

Welcome to Spring Giveaway - Winner

Good Morning dear friends-
I hope this finds you all doing well. I want to thank all of you that participated in my welcome to spring giveaway. I want you to know how special you are to me, and I wish I was able to bless each one of you with a gift card. But there is only one, and the winner of the giveaway is-
Congratulations Lisa! Will you please contact me with your full name and mailing address so I can get this gift card to you?
I want to thank everyone again for participating. I will try to have giveaways periodically because I so enjoy them!
Have a good week!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Make Your Stovetop Shine!

Today I wanted to share with you an easy way to make your stovetop shine. And I mean easy! :)
If you are like me and suffer from asthma and/or allergies, sometimes cleaning products can really aggravate your symptoms. This method will make your stovetop shine without the use of any chemicals, and you very well may already have it in your house!

That’s right; club soda is all you need. Just pour a small amount into a bowl, dip your cloth into it, and rub it on! How easy is that?  

And after it evaporates, you’re left seeing that beautiful reflection of yours smiling back at you!
Now with the club soda you have left, make yourself a glass of Pom-Ade and relax. After all, you did just shine the stovetop. ;)
Courtesy of Epicurious
1 cup lemonade
1/2 cup club soda
1/4 cup pomegranate juice
Ice Cubes
Mix lemonade, soda, and pomegranate juice in a small pitcher. Fill 2 tall glasses with ice, pour lemonade mixture over.
Yield: 2 servings

Have a great week dear friends!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Welcome to Spring Giveaway

Spring is fast approaching and the signs are all around us. Spring and fall are my two favorite seasons. I love spotting all the signs that winter is over and new growth is happening. I have such an appreciation for the beauty that is all around us. Also, the warmer weather makes me so enthusiastic to get a jump on my spring cleaning! Surprise!  :)

 I want you to know how much I appreciate each and every one of you! Thank you to all of you who stop by. And when you leave a comment, please know I love hearing from you! To celebrate the arrival of spring, and to show my appreciation for all of you, I thought it would be fun to host a spring giveaway! 
This giveaway is for a $15 Wal-Mart gift card. The rules are simple! All you have to do to be entered is to leave a comment on this post telling me what your favorite part of spring is. The winner will be chosen at random by random number generator. Comments will be accepted thru 10:00 p.m. CST Sunday March 27.The winner will be announced on Monday March 28 at noon. The winner will need to contact me to arrange delivery of the prize.
Thank you again sweet friends, you all are so special to me!
Much love,

Sunday, March 13, 2011

My Secret To Making Perfect Meringue

Chocolate Pie

My husband loves chocolate pie. He says my chocolate pie tastes just like the ones his Grandmother used to make. I have discovered the way to make my meringue light and fluffy. The trick is you don’t want your egg whites too cold. Not right out of the fridge. I take my egg whites out of the refrigerator 15-20 minutes before I am ready to make the meringue. The chocolate pie doesn’t need to “rest” before you put the meringue on. Now I have to confess something. I rarely make my own pie crust. I prefer the frozen deep dish pie shells. And with this recipe you will need one.
I will walk you thru the steps. It really is quite simple to make a rich, delicious chocolate pie.

2 cups white sugar
5 Tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder
¼ cup all-purpose flour
1 (12 ounce) can evaporated milk
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
4 egg yolks
1 stick butter (1/2 cup)
1 frozen deep dish pie shell

4 egg whites
¼ cup sugar

Preheat oven to 350.

In a saucepan whisk together 2 cups of sugar, cocoa powder and flour.

 Add in evaporated milk and vanilla. Blend. Add egg yolks and butter into pan.

Heat on low, stirring constantly until butter is melted. (By the time your butter has melted, the sugar also will have dissolved somewhat so it won’t look as “grainy”).
With the pie shell on a cookie sheet, pour the filling into the unbaked pie shell and carefully place the pie on the center rack of your oven. Be careful, you will need a steady hand because the shell will be full!

Bake on center rack 50 minutes to one hour. This time will vary slightly depending on your oven. Pie is done when it is not “wobbly” when shaken.
When the pie has about 15 minutes left, you may start making the meringue. Beat egg whites on the highest setting until soft peaks form. (I judge mine on when I have to start scraping the egg whites down the side of the mixing bowl). Slowly add ¼ cup sugar, beating constantly. When the pie is out of the oven, spread the meringue on the pie. I use a spatula when spreading the meringue and I use a little “wrist action” to flick the meringue up so it has peaks.

When you have the meringue spread the way you would like it to look, return the pie to the oven until the meringue starts to turn golden. Usually about 10 minutes.

And there you have it! This pie is so rich and delicious. And if your family is like mine, this pie won’t last long!

Anna :)