Be a Blessing

During this past season of Lent, and having just celebrated the resurrection of our Lord on Easter, it has been on my heart to really be a blessing to others. So often we focus on our own trials. It is so important to think of others and how we can be a blessing in their lives. I started thinking of ways I could make someone’s day a little brighter.  I wanted to make it special but yet still stay within our budget. So I thought why not give homemade banana bread but dress it up a little.
After I made my loaf of banana bread and let it cool, I wrapped it in parchment paper. Then I tied grosgrain ribbon around it. For a really special touch I tucked a ticket for a wish under the bow.
With a little imagination you can turn even the simplest thing into something special.
I hope each of you had a wonderful Easter. After a beautiful service Sunday morning, my dear friend Lizzie had invited us to come have Easter dinner with her family. She embodies the very topic of this post in that she is such a blessing in people’s lives, and is always there willing and even eager to help. It was such a special day.
Love to you all,


lizzie mc.- said…
Dearest Anna,
If only I could truly be what you see in me. I'm trying to catch up to you! Having been blessed with your friendship inspires me and encourages me to try a little harder. Thank you for your warmth, love and acceptance of our family just the way we are. You always are aware of others, their needs, and strive to do all you can to meet them. More particularly and more importantly, you are a blessing to your family... for generations to come.

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