Kitchen Tip - Slicing Onions Without The Waterworks...

On Monday mornings I like to wash, slice and chop all the produce I will use for the week. That way I just have to do it once. Awhile back I read that there is a way to prevent tears while slicing onions, so I thought you might like to know too!  This is a little trick that really works. Just chew a piece of gum while working with onions, and there will be no more tears.


I hope you have a great week friend!

All my love,

Anna :)


Heather said…
I have major issues when it comes to cutting onions. I have never heard about chewing gum! I keep my onions in the refrigerator which helps a lot, but sometimes I need them too soon after buying them for the refrigerator to help or the onions are just extra strong. It is also embarrassing when I am helping in someone else's kitchen when they don't refrigerate their onions and I can't make it through. I can't wait to try your trick! Thanks for sharing.
Anna ~ said…
Heather -

It's so good to hear from you! Yes, chewing gum works! I know I have tried refrigerating them too, and while that did help some, you occasionally still get a really strong onion once and a while. :(

Take care friend!
Bama Girl said…
When I wore contacts, I never shed a tear! Now, it happens all the time! I'll have to remember that next time I chop onions. Thanks for the tip! Blessings from Bama! (And thanks for following me back!)
Anna ~ said…
Hi Bama Girl!

Chewing gum really works! You're welcome, and I added you to my blogroll! :)

I'm looking forward to reading you're blog too!

Have a good day friend!

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