Flowers and So Much More

What a week it's been! Actually maybe I should call this post "Weekly Round-Up", or "Saturday Wrap-Up."  Last Saturday Doc and I decided to go and check out the car show that was happening here in town that day.

After seeing some amazing cars, we stopped in to eat at Coney Island Cafe. It's a popular little diner that's been here for over 80 years.

After lunch, we decided to take a scenic drive.

Now bear in mind that was just Saturday.

Monday afternoon I had the pleasure of driving my daughter to her first OB appointment. She and her husband are expecting their first child! She's 8 weeks along as of this last Wednesday. She's due to see her doctor again in three weeks.

Tuesday I went flower shopping for my parents. Mom wanted flowers for her porch. So I found some beauties.

These potato vines were ready to be planted.

And it is HOT here.

That was the thumbnail version of my week. Then yesterday, BAM, I was hit with a sinus infection. So, this weekend will be bed rest, antibiotics and lots of fluids.

Hope you are doing well.

All my best,



Debbie said…
Anna, I will be praying for you that the sinus infection leaves you quickly!

How exciting that you got to go with your daughter to her OB appointment and see your grandchild growing in utero! :) I am so happy for your family. Nothing better than grandbabies to love on!
Anna~ said…
Thank you so much, Debbie! I'm beginning to feel better, but I have zero energy.

I felt so honored being asked to accompanying my daughter to her first appointment. (her husband just began a new job and really couldn't ask off) Next appointment is July 3. :)

I so appreciate your prayers.

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