Be Creative - Part 3

Sometimes what you think is a simple search for something will spur you into being creative and using your imagination. This happens to me more often than not! I had spent quite some time looking for a tea towel rack for my kitchen. I knew exactly what I wanted and you would think, as I did that this would be fairly easy to locate. I had done exhaustive searches online and looked in many stores for what I thought would be just a simple towel rack. However no one carried what I was looking for.
Then one day when I had nowhere else to look, it dawned on me why not use this wine glass holder I already had! I wasn’t using it currently. And rather than mount it under the counter as it was designed for, I thought I could mount it flush against the wall.  The only thing I changed about it was the color. It was shiny silver and I wanted something a little darker. So I used sand paper and sanded it down. Then I spray painted it a hammered bronze color. After it dried, I mounted it on the wall and it is perfect for displaying my antique napkins and tea towels.
What’s better was the satisfaction I got from re-using something I already had. I love to create and especially with items I already have on hand. It is very practical and so cost effective. Plus, my economist husband is very pleased too!
I would love to hear the ways that you have creatively re-used items in your home.


Janel said…
I love all your tea towels (my favorite is Church on Sunday)! What a great idea for the towel are quite creative...unfortunately I am not :( Have a Blessed day! Janel in NJ
Anna said…
Thanks Janel - That is my favorite tea towel too! Take care, Anna :)

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