Make Your Sink Shine!

We recently had to purchase and install a new kitchen sink and faucet. The previous cast iron sink was original to the house, and was porcelain. It was very easy to maintain in that I just used soft scrub and a soft bristle brush on it once a week and that was that. But fifty plus years of faithful service did the old girl in.
This new stainless steel sink has proved to be a bit more challenging in that the water spots show. You couldn’t see the water spots on the previous sink. I wanted to share my tips on keeping a shiny stainless steel sink!
First make sure your sink is wet. Sprinkle Bar Keepers Friend on a damp sponge and clean the sink. Be sure to rinse it well!

Next, dry the sink thoroughly. Then take pledge, and spray it generously all over the stainless steel. With a soft cloth, wipe the pledge all around the sink making sure you even get the corners coated well. This will create a barrier in that water will not stand in the sink. I wipe my sink down every night before I go to bed so that the water doesn’t dry over night and form hard water spots. But I have noticed that throughout the day my sink stays shiny!

This only needs to be done weekly if you stay on top of making sure that your sink is wiped down daily. I love it when I walk into the kitchen in the morning to make coffee, and I see a shiny sink!
Shine on ladies!
Love and Smiles,


Janel said…
This sounds like a great idea! I am changing my sink soon to a stainless steel sink...this post was perfect timing :) Your sink looks great! Janel in NJ
Anna said…
Thanks Janel! I'm so glad this was helpful. Anna :)
tammy l said…
Beautiful, Anna! Thanks for sharing! :)

Is it bad that a clean-but-not-shiny sink doesn't bug me? ;)
Anna said…
he,he....Tammy - No, it's not bad! :)
Sherri said…
Thank you for the idea. I will give it a try. I wish my sink looked so good. I think am going to clean it now.

Carla said…
Thanks for the tip!! I did this today on my stainless sink and it looks great! I too, love to clean :)
Have a great evening!!
~Carla <><
Jennifer said…
I use Bar Keeper's Friend, but had not heard of using Pledge for a barrier ... going to try that next time I clean my sink!
Anna said…
Thanks Sherri! :)
Anna said…
Hi Carla- You're so welcome! Thanks for your comment. One of my friends asked me once if the cleaning bug was contagious...I told her unfortunately my teenagers haven't "caught it". ;) Take care! Anna
lizzie mc.- said…
Finally tried the Bartender's friend... there's a new fan out there. The hard water deposits have been horrible, nothing worked... until now. Thank you!

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