Be Creative - Part 4

I love creating beauty around me however I like to spend as little as possible doing it. I recently came across this contact shelf lining paper. It is Treasures by Shabby Chic. It was on sale and I hate to pass up a bargain, so I thought one day I might find a use for it.

Well I have wanted a new mouse pad at my computer, but just couldn’t find any I liked enough to justify buying one. So in an “aha” moment I thought I could cover my existing mouse pad with this shelf paper.

It was so simple and only took a few minutes. First, I placed the mouse pad over the contact paper and cut out the paper just slightly larger than the mouse pad.

I pulled the paper backing off and placed it on the pad.

Then I carefully trimmed around the pad and viola, a shabby chic mouse pad. And I spent less than $2 on the roll of shelf paper! Now that makes me happy!

I'd love to hear how you bring creative simplicity to your home as well!



Sarah beth said…
Super cute idea. I love being creative & thrifty too!
Bethanie said…
I love that idea!

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