Who Says Water Bottles Have To Be Plain?

This is a super easy way to dress up an ordinary water bottle. One of my dear friends recently took a road trip and I wanted to give her and her mother something that would travel well and something they could easily take with them in the car. And of course it had to be cute!

I had seen these available in stores and always thought these would be a snap to make. Plus, I would much rather create something myself than purchase it already finished! So after purchasing two stainless steel water bottles, this only took just a few minutes to complete. I seem to collect more ribbon than I can ever use in a lifetime, so I already had that on hand.

I tied and knotted different ribbons along the lid of the bottle, trimming the ends as I went. After completing the tops of the bottles, I simply took lettering and placed the names of the recipients along the sides of the bottles.

I already had the gift bags and tissue on hand as well so the cost of making these was quite minimal. *Sigh* - If my girls were younger, I would give these as end of year teachers’ gifts, or provide them as party favors from their birthday parties.

I have been feeling particularly “crafty” (he, he) this summer and have all kinds of ideas especially for this coming fall. So be sure to check back!

Hope everyone is having a fantastic start on their summer! Here in the Texas Panhandle we are experiencing a severe drought, so if you would, please pray for rain!

Much Love,



lizzie mc.- said…
Thanks Anna. My mother & I were so tickled. What a sweet and thoughtful gift. Great trip. Hydration. Constant reminders of my dear friend... priceless!

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