Mardi Gras Cupcakes

Good evening friends!

Lent is upon us and I thought these would be so fun today as we celebrate Mardi-Gras or Fat Tuesday!

I used a box mix for the cupcakes but added and extra egg and used milk in place of water. I also tried a new icing recipe. I will always use this butter cream icing on cupcakes in the future. It is so good and the icing firms up after sitting awhile. It's just perfect.

As you may (or may not) know, the color purple represents justice, green represents faith, and gold represents power.

So I incorporated that into these cupcakes. :)
I divided the batter into three bowls. I then used food coloring and made purple, green, and gold. Layering it into the paper cups, I did purple first, then green, then gold.

With the icing, I used tip #1M.

Ta-dah! They were really fun to make. Now I'm onto planning my Easter Cupcakes and cookies.

Hope you have had a wonderful Tuesday!




Crystal Mae said…
Found you on TGIF Bloghop! Can't wait for your Easter recipes! :) ~Mommy Needs A Break

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