Meet Sunny! :)

Who could resist this face I ask you...

This is my new grand dog Sunny. My daughter adopted her from the animal shelter. She had been there for four months. We first saw her several months ago at an adoption event held at a local grocery store. She was so sweet, and just laying there sleeping amidst all the noise and people.

We weren't there to adopt an animal, just to ooh and awe over all the cute dogs and cats. We are already raising the stray cat and her kittens who adopted us. :)

But she was taken out of her cage, and we made a fuss over how cute and sweet she was.

We went on with life. And then last week I learned she was going to be put down. The animal rescue agency just couldn't keep her anymore. Too many animals, too little space and resources. I quickly learned from them that the reason they think she wasn't getting adopted was that she was too sweet. Just too passive. I told my daughter, and she adopted her within 24 hours.

So now Sunny has a forever home. And LOTS of love! If you are considering adopting a pet, please check your local animal shelter. There are so many unwanted animals, and you can help save a life!

Until next time sweet friends...



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