The Self-Carved Pumpkin - A DIY Project

Hello friends! I hope your fall is going well. It feels like winter here in the Texas Panhandle! It's 31* right now. I have a fire going in the fireplace, and the heater is still kicking on rather frequently.

Recently my husband came across this fun project in his Popular Mechanics magazine, and we thought it would be fun to try!

Here's what you'll need:

A pumpkin
Fine Tip Marker
1/8-inch drill bit
 Peanut Butter
Painters Tape (optional)

To create your self-carving pumpkin, begin by drawing the face. We chose to outline the eyes, nose and mouth with painters tape. This made it easier to visualize the features and we thought it might help protect the areas we did not want the squirrels to eat away. Next, drill 1/8-inch holes around the areas of the eyes, nose and mouth (drill all the way into the flesh). You don't need to bother with scooping out the inside because the squirrels will take care of that for you.

 Spread peanut butter into the holes you drilled.

Now set it outside and let the squirrels eat it up. :)

Here's some other things I've done to celebrate fall. Photography, decorating & crafting.


A pumpkin I decorated with duct tape.

 A pumpkin I painted and decorated with stickers and a bow.

Fall Decorating in our formal living room.

Decorating our fireplace in the den for fall.

 Fall photography.

Remember these from the 80's?


It is one of my grown children's jack-o-lantern's from way back when, 
but I still enjoy displaying it every year.

Have a wonderful week-end!



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