What's Up, Wednesday

Hi friends.

I thought I would check in with you today. It's been a whirlwind couple of weeks! Visiting with many family members who came to town, including all four of the children. That almost never happens. Everyone is so scattered in different parts of the country it's hard to have everyone together all at once, but this time it worked out! Not a lot of cooking went on as we ate out quite a bit.

Also, we were able to spend an entire week with our grandson, Gavin. He turns 4 months on the 15th. He's so precious and just growing by leaps and bounds.

Our oldest child flew home to Oregon yesterday, and all the other family had already left so now the house is quiet again. I spent the day playing catch up. The first photo is what I picked up at the store. While in the big city yesterday we ate lunch at Torchy's. I absolutely love their queso so I thought I'd try and replicate it. I'll let you know if I'm successful.

I love fresh herbs, and never did get any seedlings started this year, so I bought some cilantro and some mint plants. After transplanting them, I'll keep them on my kitchen window sill.

I also picked up some string lights. I was happy to find them marked 40% off. I have several projects I want to use them in. :)

I did housework today (in addition to my store run) trying to get things back on track.
This is what I did.

• Put away groceries
• Swept kitchen floor
• Changed cat liter
• Swept bathroom floor/shook bathroom rugs. I washed them the day before our company arrived
• Vaccumed carpets
• Washed and ironed linens. (Yes, I iron sheets) :)
• Remade bed
• Filled bird feeders
• Gathered trash

Dinner will be Mexican Shrimp Cocktail.
I'll share the recipe with you, too.

Hope you're having a good week. This weekend we're planning a short day trip out of town which we're really looking forward to.

In warmth,


Debbie said…
YOu have been busy! We welcome a new grandson to our family about 3 1/2 weeks ago and I have been spending lots of time with him, his mommy and daddy.

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