Perhaps the Best Cheese Ball...Ever

I am frequently daily asked by my girls “Whatcha makin?”  And the times I tell them a cheese ball, the response is “Ooooohhh cheese ball!”  I am often asked for this recipe, so I thought I would share it with you. 

2 - 8 oz. packages of cream cheese (softened)
One packet of Hidden Valley Ranch dip mix
One Tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce (I confess I really don’t measure this, I just add, and periodically taste as I go, and add more if necessary).
1/2 cup shredded cheddar cheese
Sliced almonds or chives
Combine cream cheese, dip mix, Worcestershire sauce in large bowl until well blended. Add shredded cheese. Mix well. Form into balls. Let chill in fridge one hour. Roll in sliced almonds or chives.
*I roll one cheese ball in sliced almonds, and the other in chives.

*By trial and error, I have found that if you let the cheese ball chill before rolling in sliced almonds or chives, they adhere much better. Also, the cheese ball is more flavorful if you make it a day ahead of when you will serve it.
In Warmth,


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