Be Creative - Part 1

I was feeling particularly creative in my kitchen the other day. I have always been dissatisfied with the dishwashing soap bottles. You know the ones. You have to turn them upside down to dispense the soap and either wind up getting water on the counter, or putting too much soap on the sponge or in the sink.
So, my kitchen tips? I thought why not use an empty plastic hand soap bottle with a pump to dispense my dishwashing liquid. I transferred the soap from the original bottle, and using it is fantastic! I just refill it every so often, and it is so handy.
I also wanted to jazz it up a little. So I took some shelf lining paper, and cut a strip off. Then I wrapped it around the bottle. Used some raffia that I had on hand, and voila! It is so much prettier and at no cost! You can’t beat that!



Janel said…
Just found your blog today...I love this idea! I do already use a pump from hand soap, but your idea is so adorable! Thanks for sharing...Janel in NJ
Tammy L said…
Very cute! :) I do the same for my dishwashing liquid (minus the decorative touches!) and it's easy to dispense just a pump or two for a sink full of pans or dishes... :) Thanks for sharing this! :)


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