Simply freshen your fridge

For those of you that know me, you know I like simplicity. Simple, but of course, pretty!  (That really goes without saying) J
I have always used an open box of baking soda to freshen my fridge. But I recently started a new way.
I heart love the smell of citrus, so I wanted to share with you what I did.
Ok, Ok, I know, I am rambling, so my kitchen tip?
It is so simple, this is all you need.

First, you will cut the lemon in half, and then scoop it out. (I found it helpful to run a serrated blade around the inside first. This will help separate it from the peel.)

Second, place the lemon half in a bowl. (I had to trim just a little off the end of this lemon so it would sit upright in the bowl).

Third, pour just ordinary table salt in the lemon half. Place in the refrigerator, and the salt will absorb any odors, and the lemon will leave a wonderfully fresh citrus scent.

It is that easy! And believe me, I am all about doing things the easiest way possible!

Be sure and check back as I will post my Be Creative: Part 2 series soon.


Trisha said…
Nice idea! I love lemons!
I love this idea. Will it work in a freezer too, do you think? My fridge smells ok but my freezer gets stinky!
Anna said…
That is an excellent question! I really don't know if this would work in the freezer. I know a box of baking soda has been used to keep a freezer fresh.(As well as the fridge)
I'll try it in the freezer because now I'm curious!

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