Lazy Days of Summer

Just Hanging Out...

This little guy has his own personality. He takes naps everyday in this tree just outside our dining room window. He is so cute. He will lay on his stomach and just snooze.

I don’t know why but animals seem to be attracted to us! We have rescued a huge turtle from the busy street just outside our house. Poor guy was missing is hind left leg! But boy is he at home in the pond. We have so many trees that the addition of a bird feeder and bird bath now makes our home look like an aviary. I have found a Gecko in the backyard, as well as rabbits. And of course frogs and fish live in our ponds too.

Oh, and this is amazing! Last summer we had hundreds of migrating butterflies in one of our trees! It was an awesome sight.

In our previous house, we were just up the street from a park. So we had stray dogs and cats come to our door. I guess once we started taking them in, the word spread among them! ;)

I came across a really neat craft where you make your own bird seed wreath. It is really easy to do and looks like fun. Tie a ribbon on the finished wreath and watch the birds. I will share with you how to make it as soon as I can get to it. We start back to school next week, and things are gearing up around here!

I’m so glad you stopped by. Take care!



lizzie mc.- said…
I'm in love with your squirrel. I think he must be a relative to one that lives in our Mulberry tree. I had never seen a squirrel lay on his tummy until the other day.

A turtle will make a lovely addition to your ponds. He'll likely eat tons of larvae. How are your fish though?

I've loved coming to visit and see the birds. It's amazing how a small bird, like a sparrow can be so brave.

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