Keep Your Seals Clean - Penicillin has already been discovered!

Did you know you can clean the seal around your refrigerator? It's true! I probably have been lying awake at night over this. ;)

I'm just full of so much interesting information! :)

Toothpaste is good for alot of things besides just brushing your teeth. And since having worked in the field of dentistry, I highly recommend taking good care of your choppers. :)

If you don't at least check and clean the seal on your fridge regularly, you might be growing all kinds of weird science experiments.

This is so simple. It seems like I'm always saying that!

Use an old toothbrush. I keep old toothbrushes around specifically for cleaning.

Secondly, you will only use paste. Don't use the gel kind!

Put a small amount on the brush, and scrub down in the crevasse of the seal. When your done, just take a damp cloth and wipe.

Now your seal will be clean.

In warmth,


I am going to brush my liner sometime this week - thanks for a great tip!
Donna said… to have cleaning toothbrushes! Great idea! My freezer needs this.

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