Kitchen Tip - Save Time & Energy

Hi Sweethearts -

I sure wish you were nearby so I could share this with you!

This is a loaf of Lemon bread cake since I added melted butter. But that's another post for another day. :)
Why split hairs, right? It's all good!

Whenever I bake, I wash my dishes immediately. (I know that's a real shock)  ;)

I discovered a little trick that I use to dry my muffin pans, cake pans, bread pans...and allows me to put them away pretty darn quickly.

Here it is:

If you will turn the oven off when you're through baking, and having washed the pans, place them in the warm oven and they will dry almost right away! Why not use the warm oven to your advantage?  Simple huh?

I'm all for simplicity!

Love ~



Jenna said…
Love it - thanks!

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