The Many Faces of Menopause...

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The Many Faces of Menopause…

Mention the word menopause and you can just hear the groans. Not to mention the eye rolling. Being hormonal has certainly had its fair share of jokes over the years. But for those experiencing it, it’s not so funny. I’ve been experiencing hot flashes. Ugh. They happen instantaneously and are gone just as quickly as they came, leaving you chilled. No fun.

Along with the hot flashes, come anxiety, moodiness, and depression. Not something you look forward to going through. However I have a fabulous, understanding, compassionate husband which makes this transition so much more bearable.

Believe it or not, I used to be a very serious and negative person. You know the "glass is half empty” type. Over the years dealing with many serious situations (some life- threatening) in my life, I have found humor makes things so much easier to bear. The funny thing is (pardon the pun) I haven’t always had my sense of humor. It has developed through my trials. And I thank God that He has seen me through everything! He has given me grace to endure all those situations.

Laughter is a powerful tool. Humor can lighten any situation no matter how severe. Just trust me.

Try to look to the lighter side of things. Laugh A LOT. Love everyone. (Or at least try) :)

And besides, you'll always have a friend in me!




lizzie mc.- said…
Great post! I love you for all of that. It's not hard. Just glad to have you as my dear friend.

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