I'm Back...

Hello Sweet Friends! I can't believe it has been 2 weeks since I last spoke with you. This month has been busy.

At the very beginning of October, I planned a Fall Tasting Party at my home for the last  Saturday of this month. I have been enjoying planning my menu, decorating, and doing a little baking ahead and freezing of cookies and fudge.

Shortly after I spoke to you last, my husband had a suspicious bump on his forehead biopsied. The result was skin cancer and one week later, this last Wed., we saw a plastic surgeon and had it removed. Rob is healing, and has the sutures removed this next week. Poor guy, he has over a 3" suture in his forehead. :( 

Anyway...I wanted you to know what has been going on and to let you know I have missed you!

We would appreciate you keeping us in your prayers.

Talk to you soon!



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