Eating Well On A Shoestring Budget

People are often amazed by how well we eat. This baffles me. I have commented to my husband that I am surprised by their amazement. We don't take vacations, buy new cars, and we spend very little for recreational activities (ie movies, golfing, shopping, eating out).

In fact, we ate out only once this week, and spent $12. Here is another example of how we weigh decisions. Our t.v. quit working back in July and we waited almost 2 months before purchasing another one.

We eat all our meals at home, and watch every penny we spend. We are able to eat this way on $150 a week for our family of four. In fact, last week groceries only ran $120! That included food, toilet paper (in bulk), paper towels (in bulk), cat food, cat litter, toiletries, everything! Not bad huh? It is all about choices. If you already overspend, having an increase in your income will only mean an increase in your spending.

Here are some links to my previous post on buying in bulk. That has helped us too. But you do have to watch the price per unit and do a lot of comparing to know whether you're really getting a good deal.

Buying In Bulk - Part 1

Buying In Bulk - Part 2

Also,  here is the link to my post about Frugal Fridays at our house. It might give you some ideas.

Frugal Fridays

I have noticed the price of everything is increasing, so I am hopeful that living this way we will absorb that shock relatively easily.

Have a great week!




Bama Girl said…
Thank you so much for sharing your frugal tips. I haven't invested in a Sam's Club card since there are only three people in my family. I like to shop yard and estate sales to decorate my home on the "cheap". I also love to cook from scratch, which is economical, as well as delicious!
lisaplus6 said…
this is a wonderful post! my husband had lost his job some time ago and we have been struggling through and some weeks only have $30 to spend, but between resourcefulness and the preserving of what we grew and prebuying meat (praises to God) and produce days at the local store we have done VERY well! We carefully plan out everything and love to cook and bake together. We use cloth products when needed and gave up straws, baggies, etc, that we really did not need. It has been a lesson in what we do not need (I used to spend about $160 a week for our family of 7) and a blessing that our children have learned these important lessons in growing/preserving/cooking/ and creativity :) happy family meal times are all about sharing that time, not spending a ton :)

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