Ice Storm 2017

We knew it was coming. An ice storm. That was the forecast last weekend. I was fearful of what damage the ice could do. Especially after the frigid temps we had in the month of December. (We had our pipes freeze, and when they thawed the hot water pipe located in the attic burst. This flooded our kitchen. Twice.)

And I was concerned about the devestation it might cause on the trees. Well we rode out the storm and it truly did have an enormous impact across the Texas panhandle. I wanted to show you some pictures I took of the aftermath.

We have many, many trees in our backyard. Several of which are very old, large and overshadow the roof. And on Monday when the ice started to melt, it sounded like hail pounding the roof full force. I was praying the roof would hold actually. I sure didn't want any of the large branches to snap off in the process.

Below are some shots I took after the ice melted. The first three photos are of our backyard.

Now here are just a few pictures from across town.

This tree actually split in half and fell on the house.


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