Open Your Heart To Mercy

This was a soul-searching topic to write about. As a survivor of domestic violence and three sexual assaults, I probably have every right and reason to hold onto anger and resentment.

I had originally wanted to title this post, "Finding Your Spiritual Gift", but I found this quote "Open Your Heart To Mercy" from Pope Francis.

And besides, mercy and spiritual gifts are tied together. You can't find, yet utilize your spiritual gifts if you're holding onto anger. I wanted to give you a little back story into my gift.

I grew up in a religious household. I went to a private, christian preschool. I attended Sunday School and church every Sunday, and Midweek classes every Wednesday afternoon. I don't know exactly how my gift came to be, but I can speculate. I was born terribly underweight, even though I arrived only three days before my Mothers due date. I was due to be born on Christmas day. I was so tiny, that after my parents brought me home from the hospital there is a photo of me in a Christmas stocking. I was a very sickly child because my lungs weren't fully developed, so suffice to say my immune system was lacking.

I don't remember a lot of my childhood growing up. (My illness wiped my memory) I spent roughly every 15 out of 30 days sick and missing school. And as young child (middle school age), I was near death with pneumonia. The doctor, with deep concern bluntly told my Mother, "We've done all we can. She'll either make it or she won't." My parents searched all over for a doctor that could help me. They did find a team of doctors in a nearby town that had more advanced resources. After countless hyperbaric oxygen treatments (which was cutting edge technology back then) and by the grace of God, I am here. And I firmly believe that was the beginning of my spiritual gift awakaning.

You see, I have a unique relationship with the Lord. I have heard from Him. Audibly I have heard His voice three times. And I have felt His physical touch comforting me in times of despair on three seperate occasions. I know I have the ability to relate to others on an empathetic level that most people cannot.
The point of the backstory is this. I know my whole life has been orchestrated by God. If I had held onto bitterness and anger after escaping my abusive marriages, it would have hindered my ability to relate to others.

Each one of us has a spiritual gift and a purpose in this life. Find your calling. Your passion. Your voice. There is an absence of light in the world today. Be that light, even for one person. Be the change that is so desperately needed.

May God bless you as you seek to uncover your spiritul gift. And forgive readily, just as He forgives you.



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