Making Your Own Hula Hoop & The 30 Day Hula Hooping Challenge...

Hi sweethearts!

I hope you had a wonderful and safe holiday week-end. I spent the day cooking out, eating with my family, and making hula hoops! I made hula hoops for exercise and hoops for tricks. Tip: The heavier the hoop, the better for exercising. The smaller the hoop, the better for tricks. :)

I have made several different size hoops and there are many ways to make hula hoops. So whatever way works best for you is perfect! :)

This hoop I made out of flex-pipe from the local hardware store. It is 3/4" in diameter. Here is the picture once it was complete and decorated.

Here is the 1/2" tubing and supplies I used to make the smaller hoops.

This is the video I watched before I made my first hula hoop.

I thought June 1st would be the perfect time to start the 30 day/30 minute hula hooping challenge.

I have really been looking forward to this. I plan on documenting my progress throughout the month. It seems like forever since I have hooped!

I am so glad you are going to do it with me!!!

See you Friday!

Love, love, love,



SarahBeth said…
I just saw some people on tv who lost a ton of weight hula hooping, and now they teach classes and certify others to teach. Do you have routines you do, or just regular hooping? I doubt I'll make my own hoop, but I can go buy one! :)
Sarah :)
Anna ~ said…
Yes, you can lose weight hooping! Plus, I think it is just a blast. I don't have any specific routines, (as of yet). I would love to get certified, but right now I just do it for exercise, and flat abs! :)

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