Week-end Update - Kittens & The Hula Hooping Challenge...

Good morning friends! How was your week? If it was anything like mine it was busy, busy. I thought I would share a picture of the precious kittens. This picture was taken yesterday - Day 5. I can't believe how much they are growing! Is it a bad thing to name the kittens you are fostering? ;) I am getting so attached to them.

Anyway, I have had my hands full to say the least. With taking care of mamma cat and her kittens, and end of school activities, I'm afraid my hula hoop challenge has gotten pushed back later than I had planned. I am hoping to start it in June. But maybe that is the best time with the kiddos being out of school and schedules being a little more forgiving. I will post on how to make your hula hoop in advance of the 30 day challenge.

Here I am the last time I got to hoop which was I think almost 2 weeks ago!

I have really missed it! I'm sure you all have been just as busy with your families!

I hope each of you have a wonderful week-end.




Bama Girl said…
Hi Anna! I've been hula-hooping a lot this weed with my little great-nieces! They like to watch as I try to keep the thing up! Then they try, but they are too little! Of course, with the warm weather, this is done outside! They are gone now, so I'll have to discipline myself to do it alone. Have a great weekend! Blessings from Bama!
Anna ~ said…
Hey Bama Girl!

I have missed hooping! I think that's great that you have done so much of it this week. When you are trying to tone, if there is some weight to the hoop it is much easier! I hope to post the hoop making and challenge very soon. Keep up the good work.

Have a great week-end!


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