Spring and fall are my two favorite seasons. And did you know today is May day? It's May 1st!

I've been busy baking cookies to celebrate. But then again, I never need a reason to bake. ;)

I've also taken up hula hooping for exercise, and I love it. I made my own hula hoop so it would be sturdier than the store bought ones. Here is a picture after it was made.

Here it is after I decorated it!

I just wrapped plastic tape around the hoop. Simple!

Now, here is a picture of me using it.

What a blast! Making your own hula hoop is so easy! I'll tell you how in an upcoming post.

Hope everyone has a great week!




Bama Girl said…
You go girl! You are so tiny! I love to hula hoop! Blessings from Bama!
Anna ~ said…
Thank you! It's so much fun!


Anna :)

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