Bull Dog Days

Recently I accompanied my husband to his work at Clarendon College in Clarendon Texas. It was “Bull Dog Days” at the campus and he was helping register students for the fall semester. I confess I had never really been on Clarendon’s campus before and it was the neatest experience. We are so fortunate to have a college here since the population has continued to decrease.

It was such a pleasure to meet his fellow faculty members and get to see all the young people signing up for classes and figuring out schedules. After finishing up at the college, Rob treated me to lunch at a quaint little steak house, and then we toured the town. Clarendon has such a rich history. Beautiful historic buildings line the red brick streets. I am looking forward to attending “Bull Dog Days” again in August!

Here are some pictures I took. Hope you enjoy!

*The courthouse

*The county jail

*The entrance to the park


*Click the picture to enlarge and see the drive-in premiering Cars 2.

Have a great week-end everyone!

All My Love,



lizzie mc.- said…
Maybe we can double to the drive-in sometime! Been wanting to go for ages.

Truly a quaint town! And lovely folks!

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