Buying in Bulk - Part 1

I prefer to buy in bulk if at all possible, especially my meats. This particular shopping trip we went to Sam's Club which is about an hour away. There are many items that are cheaper in bulk quantities. But then there are items that if you bought in bulk might take you years and years to use up. And I know I would rather have the cash than have it tied up in things that will take me for-e-ver to use. On this trip, we didn't purchase anything perishable. This was just for other items. I buy all my meat locally and in bulk, but that is next weeks post. :)

I remember when a local grocery store chain went out of business here. They first slashed the prices in half, which was a good deal in that you were now paying what the merchandiser paid for the product. But I waited until several weeks later and then shopped. I got SO many grocery items marked 75-80% off, buying those in bulk was still a steal! Boy, that was the BEST year. (As far as our stock pile of things at home were concerned.) ;)

Below is a table of what we purchased and the savings related to it. You really have to be a savy shopper and be careful of the BOGO offers. (Buy one get one free). I always check the regular price first and then compare whether or not I am really saving money. If the price is raised to lure you into buying the item, or if you don't need say 5 or 10 of them, it really isn't a bargain after all.

Any-hoo, that's all for today class. When you're married to an economist, you have to have a sense of humor! ;)

I will post the second part of this series next week, along with some tips for cooking brisket.

Until next time.

Anna :)


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