"Use it up, wear it out, make do, or do without."

Use it up,
Wear it out,
Make do,
Or do without.

I have always liked this quote. It goes all the way back to the days of the great depression.

I believe in re-using anything that can serve another purpose. These are just a few of the many glass jars I have and use. I love glass jars with lids. You know the ones, the mason jars that are becoming so scarce. I always buy more than I need when it comes time for my canning because I use them in so many ways. I keep them on my counters for easy access and often tie grosgrain ribbons around the lid for a pretty touch. The two large jars you see in this picture were ones that I found at an estate sale. I wish you could still buy your mayonnaise in glass jars instead of the plastic ones. They are fabulous for just about anything! I use them for so many things, such as pinto beans, peppermint sticks for my coffee station, old-fashioned candy sticks (remember those?), and of course I used them for my homemade apple syrup that I made this last fall. I like to store my homemade salad dressings in them, as well as keeping my supply of clothespins and other essentials.

And speaking of salads, I just recently purchased a salad spinner. Am I the only one left who just now discovered this? I had heard rave reviews about them but had never broken down and purchased one. It is the neatest invention! I can’t believe I went so long without one. It has cut in half the time it takes me to wash my lettuce, and I’m not nearly going through as many paper towels! And did you know that if you will use a plastic knife on lettuce, the lettuce won’t turn brown like when you use a metal knife. I use a large, plastic serrated bread knife to cut my lettuce.

I also use my glass jars in different seasons. I fill the jar with either valentine candy hearts at Valentine’s Day, or popcorn kernels in the fall. I then place a glass votive on the mouth of the jar. Then I put a votive candle in the glass votive holder. It makes a pretty centerpiece on your table, or I like to place it on my windowsill.

As I mentioned earlier I use the small mason jars to mix my vinaigrette in for my salads. I also have a great recipe I want share with you.

Basic Vinaigrette Dressing:

2 tablespoons vinegar
½ tsp. salt
¼ teaspoon freshly ground pepper
½ cup olive oil

In a small bowl mix the vinegar and salt and let stand a few minutes. Add the pepper and slowly whisk in the oil. Taste for acid and salt and add more if too bland. Stir to blend before using, or if you’re like me you can store your dressing in a jar with a tight lid and shake well before using.

*Courtesy of Epicurious

And by the way, they're great for storing radishes too! Just put your cut radishes in the jar with cold water.




lizzie mc.- said…
Met a lady in OKC that volunteered for a group that's a subdivision of the Ag dept. Teaching practical skills like canning, etc. It's like 4-H for adults. Looking into it... what skills you have!

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