Buying in Bulk - Part 2


As you already know, one thing I like to do is buy in bulk. The other thing we LOVE to do is eat! (I am sure you have already guessed that) -
We sacrifice in other areas like not taking expensive vacations but boy do we eat well! Everything is a trade-off, and we would rather eat well all year! So this is just our life-style. We don't miss taking expensive trips probably because we never have! :)

Any-hoo, I'm digressing. I especially like to buy meats when they are on clearance. I will buy many pounds of ground beef at a time. The briskets I buy usually vary between 13 to 18 pounds. The most recent brisket I purchased was $1.48 a lb! I like to prepare my meats ahead of time if I can. I brown the ground beef and then package it up in one lb. packages and freeze it. That way when I prepare dinner, the meat is already cooked and that is time saved, plus – less clean-up!

The packages you see above are brisket that has been cut and frozen where I can cook it in my crock pot. I prefer making a mess all at once and then the rest of the week, at least for me, meal time just runs more smoothly.

I cook my briskets one of two ways. The first way is by cooking it in the crock pot on low. I add this marinade to it, and just let it go!

The second way is a little bit more involved. I buy a large, disposable roasting pan. I add a mixture of beef broth, soy sauce, lemon juice and minced garlic. Place the brisket fat side up. (Don't worry, we will cut the fat off later). I let it marinate 12 -24 hours and then cook @ 300 degrees for 40 minutes per pound. The last brisket I made cooked for 10 hours. (I trimmed the excess fat off this brisket and started cutting it before I realized I hadn't snapped a picture!)

This summer I haven’t followed through in planning my meals as far ahead of time like I do during the school year. This fall I am making meal planning a higher priority. Do you have any meal planning tips that you use?

On a side note, my garden is flourishing. I will update you soon. I will be making zucchini bread in the very near future!

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lizzie mc.- said…
Thanks for all the tips. Still need the soy/ garlic/ lemon juice recipe.

Another tip. Check w/ your local grocer to find out the day that inventory is moved to clearance... BEST deals here? United. Also find a friend like Anna that will tell you when to grab cheap brisket @ Walmart for cheap.

Looking forward to a big birthday meal... Time sure is flying! Love ya!

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